Streamlight Fire Vulcan LED

Streamlight Fire Vulcan LED

  • 15450

The brightest rechargeable LED lantern in its class. It's brighter, lighter & smarter. The life-saving taillights are just part of what makes the rechargeable Fire Vulcan LED such a critical firefighting tool.

- High: 80,000 candela, 145 lumens
- Low: 40,000 candela, 70 lumens
- Runtimes: Steady LED & taillights: High LED 3hrs; Low LED 7hrs; Blinking High LED only 5hrs
- C4 LED, two ultra-bright blue rear LEDs
- (2) lightweight lithium ion nano technology cells
- (8) programmable switch functions
- Reinforced D-rings, easy to operate toggle switch, fits existing Vulcan chargers

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